About Norma’s

In 1965 a small hamburger stand opened for business at the intersection of Martin Way and Marvin Road. The stand was called Norm’s. Norm’s was famous for its burgers and fries, and was a popular stop for folks on their way to and from the city dump. Norm’s closed in 1985, but the namesake would live on.

In 1993 Phil and Norma Swenson built a hamburger stand at 7210 Martin Way, near the Tanglewild center in Lacey. Pete Van Lierop, a long time resident and friend, suggested that they name the business “Norma’s”, since everyone remembered the old Norm’s hamburger stand. The name stuck, and Norma’s Burger Hut became a new favorite stop for locals.

InĀ 1997, Phil and Norma sold their stand to Craig Forster and Pete Van Lierop. Craig and Pete planned to fix up the stand and resell it, but after Pete decided to return to his family business at Country Green Turf Farm, Craig discovered that he loved the business and remained the owner of Norma’s.

In June of 2005, Craig heard that Tiny’s Burger House in Nisqually was for sale. Tiny’s was another longtime Lacey establishment. Coincidentally, Craig learned thatĀ “Tiny” was the daughter of Norm who built the original Norm’s hamburger stand. So things had come full circle, and Craig purchased Tiny’s and renamed it Norma’s @ I-5. After an extensive remodel, the new Norma’s location opened its doors, and has since become more popular than any Norma’s before it! Even Phil, Norma, and Pete drop in for a delicious burger every now and then.